A revolution in flight time for vertical take-off and landing aircraft.

Pushing Limits

At full scale, Ephemeron promises over 24 hours of hovering without refueling.
Thus it opens up to a full range of new applications.

Mine Detection

A low cruise speed allows for dense data acquisitions, so that mines are detected reliably via an attached radar antenna. Still a large area can be covered due to Ephemerons incredible endurance.

Disaster Relief

Supplementing existing helicopters, emergency services can rely on Ephemeron for up to 26 hours.
In that time an array of sensors supports search & rescue while commanders may coordinate the forces from a birds eye of view.


When mobile networks and internet break down or are congested locally, Ephemeron can be deployed to relay mobile services.
Already two Ephemeron can seamlessly compensate network failures indefinitely.

Virtual Satellite

Compared to Satellites, Ephemeron is more flexible and initially much cheaper. This makes it the better choice for fast response and missions limited in time.


Dramatically increasing time, during which the aircraft actually is watching an area of interest instead of going for a refuel or flying by at high speeds.
For example: Life Guards would see people in need much easier or could identify hazards such as sharks instantly.


Covering crop fields for agriculture. Improving production speeds at Hollywood movie-shootings. The list goes on, the benefits of a reasonable flight time are omnipresent.

Facts & Figures

In its original design, Ephemeron is a semi-autonomous ducted coaxial diesel powered rotorcraft that excels in hovering and still has an incredible range.

1500km Range

Even at range Ephemeron easily rivals other Helicopters

26:30 Hours Airtime

Flying at 29km/h instead of standing still in the air, Ephemeron can improve on its 24 hour capability by an extra of 2:30 hours.

80kg Payload

Able to carry a single passenger or instruments in a flexible payload compartment.

585kg Take-Off Weight

Including payload, fuel, and everything else. Ephemeron really is a lightweight thanks to its design and material choices.

Safe and Silent

No tail rotor, a shroud and low rotor speeds reduce noise emissions and make unintentional rotor contact very unlikely.

Easily Maintained

All major parts can be accessed by removing simple protective covers and the payload container system is non-proprietary.

Our References

Besides having finished runner up in the AHS International 2017 Student Design competition as best newcomer,
Ephemeron has gathered much attention in renowned newspapers and on news-websites.


on Aug 30, 2017

"Studenten entwickeln helikopterähnliches Fluggerät"

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Hamburger Abendblatt

on Aug 22, 2017

"Der 26-Stunden-Helikopter"

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on Aug 23, 2017

"Platz 2 für Helikopter-Designstudie aus Stade - Carbontechnologie-Studenten der PFH erfolgreich"

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innovations report

on Aug 23, 2017

"Platz 2 für Helikopter-Designstudie aus Stade - Carbontechnologie-Studenten der PFH erfolgreich"

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on Aug 23, 2017

"PFH-Studenten international erfolgreich - Platz 2 für Helikopter Designstudie aus Stade"

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on Aug 21, 2017

"Platz 2 für Helikopter-Designstudie aus Stade"

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Background & Context

Originally Ephemeron is a result of a student design competition, held by the American Helicopter Society in 2017. The requirement was to hover for 24 hours while carrying a 80kg payload. Convinced by our concept, Ephemeron will now be realised as a sclaed version below 25kg Gross Take-Off Weight in our free time.

Become a Supporter

We are four ambitious dual students from Stade, Germany, and are doing our B. Eng. specialised in Composites.
To make a first prototype possible, we need partners: Besides financial support, services like milling or providing materials is most welcome.

Should you be interested to help Ephemeron, don't hesitate to contact us below.



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