Duct Tooling Build

All day until late in the evening we began setting up our workshop and started building a mould for laminating a carbonfibre-reinforced-plastics (cfrp) duct for aerodynamic tests. Later we will use the same mould to do an infusion of our final duct made from sandwich cfrp.

Due to its size and to achieve a nearly perfect circle we use a cnc-milled aluminium profile which is fixed to an arm, rotating around the mould’s centre. Initially foam was cut roughly and tommorow we will add a layer of styrofoam which will be hot-wire-cut to approximate the shape of the duct. Then spatula will be shaped by the aluminium profile to accurately model the mould. Ultimately glass-fibre-reinforced plastics will be laminated ontop to provide enough strength to the mould.

We are excited to see how far we can get during this weekend.