Duct Mould Laminating

Having planned all day for work on our duct mould, the whole team gathered to prepare and conduct laminating with glass fibres and epoxy based resin. As previously planned, we couldn’t make use of our hot-wire-cutter as our foam was to resistant to it and styrofoam on the other hand would not have survived a pressure differential greater than minus ~0.2 bar. To achieve good compaction at least -0.8 bar would be desireable.

For that reason we bent strips of foam around the existing foam to approximate our final mould and it’s gaps were filled with milling flakes. Then we split work between actually laminating woven glass fibre layers ontop of the foam, mixing resin and cutting glass fibre layers aswell as “peel ply” which will allow spatula to adhere to our laminate after curing.

The glass-fibres will give our mould enough strength and rigidity to withstand enormous forces from vacuum. This will be necessary when finally laminating our duct in order to use the pressure differential to really press our laminate into the mould.

Next week we will start applying spatula which will be shaped by our milled duct-profile.